Crafstman furniture built in an old-school style wood shop, using antique machines and wood with a story.

At Savage Woodworking we design custom built furniture with reclaimed lumber. Traditional and contemporary combine through the use of classic joinery, natural edge wood, great proportions and eco friendly finishing products.

Fred Savage will work with you to create custom furniture to suit your needs with the highest attention to detail and design.
At Savage Woodworking we are well known for designing custom furniture with great proportions. Construction includes many 19th century techniques, including sliding dovetails, mortise and tenon and pegged joints. Hand tools are used with precision, as only a master craftsman can, to ensure that joints are strong in construction and unique in beauty.

At Savage Woodworking we delight in the challenge of finding exactly the right pieces of reclaimed, antique lumber to tell a unique story through your custom built furniture. Your piece will be delivered to you complete with the history of the wood used in its creation.

Each piece is built to become one of the antiques of tomorrow.